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Writing grief: a daughter's loss of her mother

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Being buffered ends

In just a single day and with no hint of what’s to come, a lifetime of being buffered ends. Not that she cocooned me. But losing Mom, I feel exposed, as if skinless. Fundamentally, I both felt and was protected within her love. I miss that shield. And until now, I hadn’t realised it existed. The new exposure overwhelms me.

September 3, 2014


It’s a tough one

(It’s a tough one – my mom passed very suddenly in July. After a family funeral, I’m finishing 2 weeks solid of packing up her home. Its 90 degrees and humid outside, but oak leaves are starting to fall. I’m loading the trunk of her car with memorabilia bound for storage…and picking out dead leaves as they cartwheel in on top of the boxes: her life and memories in cardboard rectangles.)

August 31, 2014

Oak Leaf © 2014 Gregg Fraley. All rights reserved.

Oak Leaf © 2014 Gregg Fraley. All rights reserved.